Product Info

Product Info

Since the first time I saw them, I have absolutely been in love with these products!  And since that day nearly ten years ago, I have never, to this day, seen anything to match them!  It is still amazing to me as I reflect on how far the flannel board stories concept has come with Story Time Felts.   There are so many things about the Story Time Felts line of educational manipulatives that make them unique, effective, and outstanding – more than I can list – but I hope you’ll get an idea as I tell you a little about them and what sets them apart: 

All Story Time Felts products…

…are made with real felt.

    There are many “felt” products out there that aren’t even made with felt!  Story Time Felts products are made from real felt that is thick, durable, and extra soft.  It won’t easily tear; it never frays, and it looks brand-new for a very long time.  These products are made to last!!  (They’ve withstood even the ultimate test – 9+ years with my kids!!!)

…are truly educational.
    Every Story Time Felts set comes with an information packet that includes instructions for using the felt products as well as additional lesson ideas and applications.  Some packets include other helpful things like background information, bibliographies, coloring sheets, sequencing sheets, etc.  You never get “just a story” when you buy a Story Time Felts product; you get a wealth of information and a valuable educational resource.

…are multisensory.
    Studies show that learning is most effective when you involve many of your senses in the learning process.  The Story Time Felts motto is See, Touch, Listen, and Learn.  The products are designed to help children really get involved in creative, multisensory play.  Many of the products even come with audio cd’s to incorporate the sense of hearing, this being one of the most important vehicles for learning.

…appeal to all learning styles

    Whether you subscribe to theLearning Styles Theory or the Multiple Intelligences Theory, Story Time Felts is for you.  Our products are based on the concept of Multisensory Learning and are effective for all types of learners.

…are completely washable!

    What Mom in the world doesn’t know just how great that is?!  Just place your Story Time Felts figures in a mesh bag, wash in machine, then lay flat to dry.  It’s as simple as that, andyou need not worry about the colors fading or fabric fraying!

…are fun, fun, fun!!

    Kids have so much fun playing with Story Time Felts products, they don’t even realize how much they’re learning!  (And, when the kids are asleep and they think nobody knows, Moms and Dads have a great time with them, too!)