About Me

About Me

What can I say about me?

Well, to sum it up, I am a wife and mother…

There’s no better way to say so much with so few words. I’m the wife of my favorite Super Hero – a military man and awesome dad.  I have two energetic teenagers, one rambunctious middle schooler, an exuberant kindergartner, and an explosive 4-year old Pre-K ball of energy;  I am an aspiring storyteller, web designer, organizer, and cook; I work full-time at home trying to make it a safe, healthy, and happy (if not always clean) haven for my family; I home-school all of my children and love being a student with them; I am active in my church, currently acting as president of the Young Women’s Organization (our youth group for girls ages 12 to 18); and I currently spend (probably) way too much time on the computer! I am blessed to be able to say I spend most of every day LOVING what I’m doing!! 

And though it would seem that my life is as full as it could be, when I found Story Time Felts (then, The Story Teller) I knew I had another love to add to the list!  

Replica Audemars Piguet

I want to make a difference in the lives of children everywhere, beginning, of course, with my own children.  Story Time Felts is the vehicle I’ve found to help me promote true education and deep learning of not only academics, but good traditional values. They enhance and enrich all my homeschool teaching, they entertain and delight children (and adults too) at my library story times, and they inspire in finding new, fun, and creative ways to connect with children! I am so excited about all the fun and success I have, that I want to share with everyone!  It must be working, because to many people, I’m not Heather, but The Felt Lady!

It is my hope that the ideas presented here at FeltBoardStories.com will help and inspire you in the same way, whether or not you ever purchase a felt board story!  I encourage every person who has, knows, or cares about kids to join with me in my love mission by beginning today with one story time.  Story time is together time (The Story Time Felts slogan J) and it is a powerful thing.  You don’t need a felt board story to join in this grand mission!  (Though if you want one, I’m happy to oblige! LOL) –  Just give a child (or two or three) the gift of your time and attention and a good story.  Love them and Love every minute you have with them!  Then, share your experience!!  My hope for this blog is that it will become a resource of practical ideas and inspiring stories of success for anyone who wants to connect in this way with kids.  Please share comments and suggestions!  Let’s learn and grow together!

Have Fun and Play Nice!!
🙂 Heather Wright, aka TheFeltLady